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  • Silicon Polisher-SR2135

Silicon Polisher-SR2135

Appr.Weight 10g

Material:  silicon

Shank Size: 3/32 

Head Size: 6.0*16mm

Grit: F

Model No.: SR2135

Color: Yellow

Package: Individual. OEM/ODM Supported

Product Description

The Chiyan Silicon polisher is hot sale of our nail drill bits. Also called silicon rubber polisher.We have four different sizes for your reference ,the smallest size is 4*12.0mm and the largest is 15*17mm. The holder decorated with different shape for particular using .Usually ,the silicone polisher is widely used as callus grinding .It is made with Japanese rubber , silicon and aluminum oxides. the rubber is known as skid resistance ,so it is not easy to break away from the shank when it is rotating ..Refined shank is made of premium steel. Weight Balanced Shank brings a high concentricity to our holder. It is more stable when it is rotating.Every Silicon polisher is single packed in the box sized 1*1*7CM. And we provide customized package and technique assistance for our customers.

Features of Chiyan Silicon Polisher :

· Optional coarseness and color for you to choose

· Made with Japanese silicon and aluminum oxide

· High concentricity

· Safer for clients

· No clogging

· 3/32’’ or 1/8’’ shank diameter

Proper Care

Follow these steps to clean and sanitize your silicon polisher:

Step #1
a. Put the product into a disposable sterilization bag or special sterilization box and pack it up.
b. Load the packaged products into the sterilizer; 
c. Set sterilizer parameters: temperature 134℃, sterilization time 5min, drying time 10min.

Step #2

After one sterilization cycle is complete, remove the product from use when cooled.

Step #3

This product should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated and clean environment with humidity not exceeding 80%. Shelf life is 3 years.

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