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  • Black Sanding Band

Black Sanding Band

Fast remove soft Gel. Polishing smooth natural nails for prepping.For one-time using.

Appr.Weight 60g/box (100pcs) 30g/bag(100pcs)

Material: Silicon Oxide&Japan NCA

Size: 6.35*12.7mm/6.5mm*12.7mm

Grit: #80/#100/#120/#150/#180/#240

Color: Black

Package: 100pcs/bag .OEM/ODM Supported

Product Description

The Chiyan Sanding Band is used for removing the nail polish.Not only we use excellent domestic raw material for brown sanding band ,but also we use imported raw materials from Japan for black and white sanding band and USA Norton for green sanding band .. Its shape is similar to a round tube, and the middle part is hollowed out. Its inner core is purple, no industrial glue, using resin bonding technology. Resin-bonded sanding band ensures that the product is non-toxic and eco-friendly.The glue is equally distributed. No extra glue spilled. No opening.The cut is smooth and has no burrs. It is easy to polish the edges of the nails and easy to handle surface work of the nail .

Features of Chiyan Black Sanding Band                                  

1.High quality Imported abrasive cloth material from Japan

2. High grinding efficiency and wear-proof

3. Universal size, easy loading and unloading

4. Provide OEM & ODM.

5. Size: 6.35*12.7mm  & 6.5*12.7mm

6. Optional grit from coarse to fine :80#,100#,120#, 150#,180#, 240#

7. 300,000pcs daily output assures a fast delivery

8. Product quality guarantee. Free sample supported

9. Provide free package designing and technical assistance.

10. Defect rate is lower than 1%.

Recommended for disposable use

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