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  • Brown Sanding Cap

Brown Sanding Cap

Appr.Weight: 250g/box (100pcs)

Material: Brown Corundum


Grit: C M F 

Coating: Brown Color

Package: Individual. OEM/ODM Supported

Product Description

Chiyan Sanding Cap consists of lining, Non-toxic, eco-friendly, transparent glue and pure natural sand. Chiyan Sanding Cap can remove foot dead skin and calluses around foot quickly and efficiently. The sand grains are evenly distributed, polished smooth and does not hurt the skin. For disposable use and more cleaner for clients. Chiyan Sanding Cap can have different types of color and function to adapt to the required functions.


Features of Chiyan Sanding Cap:

  ·Low price and high cost performance.

  ·High purity, wear resistance, less out,good toughness.

  ·It is soft and fits the foots. Easy to operate.

  ·Non-toxic environmental protection transparent adhesive.

  ·High hardness, good grain shape and compactness.

  ·No clogging.

  ·Regular grits for option: C M F

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