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How to Remove Dip Powder Nails

Sep. 28, 2020

Applying dip powder nails is an effortless exercise, but how do you remove dip powder nails?

Although there’s no UV light involved as with gel nails, there is a process to safely remove dip powder nails.

What Do You Need to Remove Dip Powder Nails

To remove dip powder nails, the nail technician needs the following items:

Nail grinding tool for polishing and filing

Acetone for dip powder nails

Soak the cotton ball with acetone to remove the remaining powder, and use it with packaging foil technology

A small bowl or cube of foil for acetone

Optional is steaming hot towel to reduce soaking time

Diamond Nail Bits

Start With The Topcoat

Before the nail technician soaks her nails, she needs to polish or file off the topcoat on the nails. When the topcoat is broken, it is easier to soak the nails.

Take a diamond nail bits and gently move it back and forth on the nail bed. Continue polishing and filing until the nail is covered with white dust, indicating that the finish has been removed.

Soak-Off in Acetone

There are two methods for soaking dip powder nails. You can use a bowl filled with acetone, or wrap your nails with cotton pads and foil soaked in acetone.

Use a bowl with acetone

Now that the protective barrier is broken, the nails can be soaked faster. Soaking nails in a bowl of acetone takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Sometimes customers are in a hurry. After pressing for a period of time, put a hot towel on the bowl to speed up the acetone soaking speed.

Cotton balls and foil soaked in acetone

With a bowl of acetone, the fingers are also soaked in acetone, which will dry the skin.

Using the wrapping method, the nail technician limits the amount of skin contact with acetone.

Soak a cotton ball in acetone and place it on a cotton ball on the dip powder nail. Then take a small piece of foil and wrap it on your finger.

The foil holds the cotton ball in place. The acetone penetrates the dipping powder and removes it from the nails. Repeat this process with ten fingers.

The soaking time is about the same as that of the acetone bowl. However, the skin on your client's fingers is not exposed to acetone like a bowl of acetone.

Removing Remaining Dip Powder

Although soaking in acetone can remove most of the powder, there will always be some powder residue.

Soak a cotton ball or cotton pad in acetone and gently wipe the powder remaining on the customer's nails.

You won’t accidentally damage your customer’s nails because you don’t have to scrape off the powder left on her nails.

After the nail technician removes the dip powder nails, she can continue with the usual manicure or pedicure.

The powder dipping technique is not only popular among customers because of its bright colors, but nail technicians also like it.

Although removing dip powder nails is a process, it is by far one of the safest products. It is gentler on the nails.

The above information is provided by the nail bits supplier.