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What is the Cause of Uneven Fingernails?

Jan. 15, 2021

Human fingernails are related to the health of the human body, and we can speculate on health problems from some conditions of fingernails. Many people say that their finger nails are uneven, but what is the cause? It may be due to illness or malnutrition. What is the specific case, you may need to consult a doctor to know, you usually pay more attention to some small changes in the body.

The experts pointed out that the finger nail bumpy situation, it is likely that the nail is suffering from disease. The most likely is nail dystrophy or gray nail, nail dystrophy performance for the nail plate thinning, or appear nail longitudinal lines, nail transverse lines, bumpy dots, serious nail separation, or performance of nail hypertrophy, easy to crack, no luster, etc..

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Specific causes are as follows

1.Fungal infection: not pay attention to personal hygiene and cause the infection of germs can also lead to uneven nails, if the symptoms of the nail in addition to depression, uneven, but also with yellowing, thickening, then it must be gray nails, which need to go to the hospital in time to check and receive treatment.

2.Nutritional deficiency: It has been observed that factors such as long-term starvation, paralysis or fixation of the fingers can slow nail growth. The fact that the nails are uneven can be caused by iron deficiency anemia and Raynaud's disease which causes ischemia of the extremities. This means that there is also a relationship between the nail dimpling and nutrition. Generally speaking: this kind of disease nail performance suggests that the body of calcium, protein, sulfur deficiency, these nutrients can be obtained from eggs, garlic, it is recommended that patients should often eat for good.

3.Weather reasons: when the weather is cold, vascular constriction, blood flow slows down, aggravating the end tissue hypoxia, resulting in uneven nails.

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Step #3

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